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Whether your bearded dragon, fluffy mc’bunnykins, or cinnamon cockatiel needs a place to stay, we’re the most trusted place in Tennessee to see to their needs while you’re away. Here’s what our exotic pet parents have to say about their own experiences boarding with GreyHaven:

Angie Meyers

Local Review

“Debra has always taken care of my baby so well that he looks forward to his vacation at Greyhaven! Fresh fruit, other feathery friends to talk to, abundant toys… What else would a birdy buddy want? Outstanding & I highly recommend!”

Nancy Baker

Facebook Review

“Seriously the most trustworthy, knowledgeable and accommodating pet boarder in town. I moved to Nashville 3 years ago and lucked out when I found Grey Haven. You couldn’t find a better place.”

Jon B. Dalvy

Author and wildlife conservationist

“Simply the best of the best – I sincerely never thought I’d find a place where we felt safe leaving our sweet little cockatiel while we’re out of town, but GreyHaven is that “one in a million” place where I feel absolutely at ease and know she’ll be happy and healthy when we pick her up. Cannot recommend these fine folks enough!” – Local Review

Scott Brooks

Facebook Review

“If you own a parrot and live anywhere near Nashville, Greyhaven is where you want to leave them when you go on a trip. We never have to worry about our birds while we are away – we know that they are safe, well fed, and are enjoying the company of other nearby boarding parrots.”

Jerry Rodgers

Facebook Review

“A pleasure to do business with. Very knowledgeable and kind.”

Wendy Faye Allen

Facebook Review

“I’m not a big facebook person, but if it weren’t 4 Greyhaven i would be lost. Debra cares about all of the animals that are fortunate enough to stay with her.”

Mohamed Shishani

Facebook Review

“If you want the best piece of mind when boarding your pet, GreyHaven is the best place. Thank you for the great care and service.”

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