About Us

Owned and operated by Deborah Dorsey, GreyHaven Exotic Pet Boarding is a staple of the Tennessee exotics community, and the most trusted exotic pet boarding service of the region. A former zookeeper (in addition to being self employed for the last 20 years with an exotic animal boarding business), Deborah has massed decades of experience with everything from primates to parrots, and loves boarding even the most unique of pets. Long story short: anything BUT dogs and cats are housed within GreyHaven!

Through her zookeeping years and now through several hundred clients she has built a phenomenal reputation in animal care and boarding. GreyHaven utilizes a spotless, temperature controlled secure facility on Deborah’s own property to accommodate most any species – and can provide caging for most. GreyHaven also has room to set up various habitats, if necessary. Please email for more information and/or prices or to set up a visitation appointment, and we look forward to meeting you and your beloved exotics!


What People Say

“If you own a parrot and live anywhere near Nashville, Greyhaven is where you want to leave them when you go on a trip. We never have to worry about our birds while we are away – we know that they are safe, well fed, and are enjoying the company of other nearby boarding parrots.”

Scott Brooks, Facebook Review

“Seriously the most trustworthy, knowledgeable and accommodating pet boarder in town. I moved to Nashville 3 years ago and lucked out when I found Grey Haven. You couldn’t find a better place.”

Nancy Baker, Facebook Review

“My ringnecks and canary LOOOVE staying @ Greyhaven whenever travel. I’m not a big facebook person, but if it weren’t 4 Greyhaven i would be lost.Debra cares about all of the animals that are fortunate enough to stay with her.”

Wendy Faye Allen, Facebook Review

Want to board your exotic pet with us?

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