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Based in Nashville, GreyHaven is Tennessee’s most experienced exotic pet boarding facility. We’re here to provide the utmost best in care for any and all exotic pets while you’re away – and that means EVERYTHING but cats and dogs!

Our knowledgeable staff share one priority: the very best treatment for the animals we work with.

If you’d like to board one of your beloved exotic pets with us, please fill out the form provided below, or visit our Contact Us page.

“Through my zookeeping years and now through several hundred clients I have had experience with everything from primates to parrots, reptiles to rodents. I have built a temperature controlled secure facility to accommodate most any species and can provide caging for most. I also have room to set up various habitats if necessary. Please email me for more information and/or prices or to set up a visitation appointment.”

Deborah, Founder & Owner of GreyHaven Exotic Pet Boarding

We’re proud to be a part of the community, serving Nashville and all of the Southeast’s friends and neighbors — whether they have wings, claws, tails, or all of the above.

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